Aerial photo of DLP Wexford Village

Impact In Action | DLP Wexford Village

DLP Wexford Village was purchased by DLP Capital in 2020 in a $43 million acquisition deal. The complex comprises 340 units in 14 buildings, ranging in size from 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom (810 sq.ft.) to 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom (1,320 sq. ft.) apartments. While it is not a brand-new acquisition, in just the past year of DLP ownership the staff at Wexford Village has become a shining example of the impacts for which DLP Capital has become known.

The Wexford VIllage staff has embraced the ability to become agents of impact–realizing that it not only helps with resident satisfaction, but also fulfillment in their own careers. This was seen especially in the peak of the COVID pandemic. The staff deployed daily videos to communicate with residents, keeping them up to date on the community, as well as providing messages to lift their spirits. Treats were provided to show support for residents who were healthcare workers, struggling with long hours and added stress. And, for residents who were financially impacted during the pandemic, the staff proactively helped residents navigate assistance programs in order to stay in their homes. This is what a true community is about, and we could not be more proud of the on-site staff at Wexford Village.

“My favorite part about working here is the ability to positively impact someone’s life every single day. They could come to us with something really small and say, Hey, I have a work order that needs to be addressed, and it could be a light bulb or a filter or something easy. Or we could have somebody walk in that says, you know, our house just caught fire. We don’t have a place to live. We need a place to live. So the ability–no matter what every day–to impact someone’s life positively is awesome.” —Shane Bartolomeo, Property Manager, DLP Wexford Village