Photo of pool at one of Kalkan Capital's property

Lending Impact | Kalkan Capital

When it comes to making capital available to those who are ready and willing to make a difference, DLP stands ready to deliver. DLP Capital closed two multifamily loans, totaling $34 Million on two apartment communities located in Houston, Texas. The Houston multifamily properties, consisting of 270 units and 240 units, are owned by Dr. Furkan Kalkan, President of Kalkan Capital. Kalkan Capital makes an impact on revitalizing communities that would normally be less than desirable, due to crime and drug activity. He immediately goes to work to transform these properties into stable, workforce housing for hardworking families. 

DLP Capital believes in the mission of Dr. Kalkan–we previously provided his company with a third loan for $20 Million in Dec. 2020 for an 800-unit property, also located in Houston. 

Kalkan is a member of DLP Elite Impact Housing, our exclusive, top-level membership that offers organizations with capital to scale, valuable personal mentorship and insight, the DLP Elite Execution System’s suite of operating tools, and additional key benefits promoting empowerment and growth.