Build Your Multifamily Portfolio

Our Multifamily Bridge loans allow real estate investors to purchase, reposition, or refinance their properties with our winning combination of high leverage, competitive rates, and low fees. Because DLP Capital is also an operator in the multifamily market, we take a true common-sense approach to all the loans we fund in this asset class. We understand the value of strong relationships when building portfolios and work hard to help beyond capital.

  • Close your deal in just 20 days
  • Up to 80% LTC on total deal costs
  • Purchase, reposition, or refinance
  • Rates from as low as 8.99%
  • No restrictions on capital expenditures
  • 12-month loan term with no prepayment penalties
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Start Building Your Multifamily Portfolio with Just a Few Easy Steps

We make it simple. Just fill out an application, and our in-house underwriting team will get to work. We’ll work with you to lock in the best rate and terms for your deal. We also cut out the middle man so your loan can close faster than traditional lenders with less red tape.

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3 Easy Steps

Step 1
Step 1

Submit Your Application

Fill out our online application with the details of your deal. A Funding Specialist will review and help evaluate your next steps.

Step 2
Step 2

Get Approved

Get pre-approved on a DLP Preferred Line of Credit with up to $10,000,000 and don’t miss another opportunity.

Step 3
Step 3

Build Your Portfolio

Once approved, underwriting for your real estate properties is quick and easy. Whether you’re flipping or undertaking a buy and hold strategy, scale to the next level with DLP.

East-To-Follow Lending Terms

Our lending terms are designed to be borrower-friendly, and are built on our common sense approach to underwriting. We’re here to deliver best-in-class support, and we know how quickly deals need to be done. Take a look at our terms below, and see if DLP Capital is the right capital partner for you.

Property TypeA, B, & C Class Multi-Family
PurposeAcquisition, Reposition, or Refinance of Value-Add Multi-Family
Lending AreaPrimary, Secondary and Tertiary markets
Exit StrategySale or refinance
Loan Amount$500,000 to $50,000,000
Max LTCUp to 80% of Total Deal Costs
Max LTVUp to 75% (based on as-stabilized or as-complete value)
Interest RateFrom 8.99%
Loan Term12 months (no prepayment penalty)
Loan Origination PointsFrom 1.5%