Enclave at Kings Fort Inc and Aurora Oaks Ocala Inc worth $37.96M

Enclave at Kings Fort Inc and Aurora Oaks Ocala Inc worth $37.96M

DLP Capital Announces a Monumental $37.96 Million Funding and Investment Deal with Calibrex Developments

"We've orchestrated a pivotal move with Calibrex Developments, marking a monumental stride into the American real estate market." – Jake Domina, DLP Capital

We're thrilled here at DLP Capital to unveil our latest achievement—a robust $37.96 million deal with Calibrex Development Group. This strategic collaboration not only expands our footprint but also aligns impeccably with our mission to build thriving communities and help investors do well while doing good.

A Strategic Expansion into Thriving Markets

This partnership facilitated the acquisition and development of two promising real estate projects: 

  • The Enclave at Kings Fort in Kaufman, Texas is a single tax lot of 41 acres. The project is located on the east side of County Road 151 in the southern portion of Kaufman and is entitled to a 215-unit subdivision with average lot sizes ranging from 5,000 to 7,000 square foot.

  • The Aurora Oaks Project in Marion County, Florida, is PUD and zoning Approved for the development of up to 1,250 Units. The project consists of a selection of 40' and 50' Detached Homes and 2-story Townhome with modern architecture.

These projects collectively introduce over 1,365 new homes into these thriving markets, underscoring our commitment to building communities and thriving lives.

"The synergy between DLP Capital and Calibrex Developments has enabled us to leverage our expertise and assert our presence in the U.S. market," explains Jake Domina. "Through meticulous planning and cross-collateralizing assets in Florida and Texas, we've optimized our investment while mitigating upfront cash requirements for Calibrex."

Calibrex is a vertically integrated development and home-building company with over twenty years of experience. Over the last twelve months, it has acquired over 2,000 building lots in Canada and the United States.

Impact and Prosperity Through Strategic Investments

Our investment in these projects is more than just a financial venture. It represents our dedication to creating prosperity and making a tangible impact in the communities we serve. By introducing high-quality, accessible housing options, we are setting a foundation for individuals and families to thrive.

The Enclave at Kings Fort and The Aurora Oaks Project align perfectly with our values at DLP Capital. They reflect our commitment to meet and exceed the expectations of our investors and the communities we develop. These projects will testify as a testament to our ability to execute large-scale real estate developments that benefit all stakeholders.

Looking Ahead: Continued Growth and Prosperity

As we move forward, we remain steadfast in identifying and seizing opportunities that align with our strategic goals. The success of this deal with Calibrex Developments paves the way for future partnerships and projects that will continue to embody our ethos of prosperity through real estate investment.

"We are excited about the future collaborations with Calibrex and other like-minded developers," says Jake Domina. "This is just the beginning of our journey to transform landscapes and lives through thoughtful and impactful real estate investments."

Join us as we build on this momentum, fostering wealth and prosperity for our investors and the communities we serve. Together, we are investing not just in properties but in futures.

Dream. Live. Prosper.

At DLP Capital, every investment is a building block towards a prosperous future. We invite you to join our thriving community of impact investors who are witnessing and participating in growth. Learn more about how you can be a part of our journey to transform real estate investments into opportunities for all.