Simfield Residential Development 4 units in North Carolina

Simfield Residential Development 4 units in North Carolina

DLP Capital Announces $1.2 Million Investment in New Single Family Homes in Matthews, North Carolina

Dream. Live. Prosper: Building Communities and Futures Together

"We’re excited here at DLP Capital to announce our latest investment of $1,215,955.00 in the construction of four new single-family homes in Matthews, North Carolina," begins our journey into this promising venture. This strategic investment not only reflects our commitment to enhancing community value but also aligns perfectly with our mission of creating prosperity through thoughtful real estate development.

A Vision of Attainable and Timeless Homes

The project, nestled within a 16-lot development by Simfield Residential Development, showcases our continued partnership with Red Cedar, a Charlotte-based home builder known for their dedication to crafting homes that are both attainable and timeless. The synergy between DLP Capital’s investment expertise and Red Cedar’s construction acumen promises to deliver homes designed to meet the evolving needs of modern families while fostering community spirit.

"Our vertically integrated building platform provides unique market expertise throughout all phases of development," states Red Cedar, emphasizing the comprehensive approach taken from acquisition to marketing. This project not only promises to enhance the quality of life for residents but also stands as a testament to our shared vision of building homes that generations can cherish.

Impact-Driven Investment: More Than Just Homes

By investing in the construction of these homes, DLP Capital reaffirms its role as an IMPACT investor focused on generating social and economic benefits. "Our investment in Matthews is a direct reflection of our commitment to building thriving communities," we proudly declare. This initiative is part of our broader strategy to support workforce housing across America, which is crucial for sustaining the backbone of our economy.

Aligning with Strategic Goals and Values

This project aligns seamlessly with our strategic goals of developing attainable housing and empowering communities. As Jake Domina notes, "DLP Capital has been a consistent presence in the realm of impactful real estate investment, focusing on multifamily, single-family, and manufactured housing." Our commitment to providing superior, consistent returns to our investors while enhancing the living standards of our communities remains unwavering.

Looking Forward: A Future of Opportunities

We are thrilled about the opportunities this new project brings. It not only allows us to expand our portfolio in a meaningful way but also lets us contribute positively to the Matthews community. As we move forward, our focus remains on identifying and investing in projects that align with our vision of prosperity and community development.

Join us as we continue to dream, live, and prosper together, building not just homes, but futures filled with opportunity and growth. This is more than an investment in real estate; it's an investment in lives and communities, echoing our promise to impact over a million lives.