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DLP Capital Dinner

This dinner was broadcast live from Best Ever Conference in Salt Lake City, UT on March 9th, 2023.Learn about our fund performance and how you can make the best investment decision possible with DLP Capital. Accredited investors, please apply to attend our next dinner in person.

DLP Capital Expands Affordable Multifamily Footprint in Florida

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Have you been evaluating investing with DLP Capital but still have concerns about the economy, the real estate market, or our strategy? If so, we're hosting a Capital Dinner to answer your "what if" questions.

Founder and CEO Don Wenner will host a live Q&A session, answering your hard-hitting inquiries, including:

What if the U.S. economy enters a recession?

What if the real estate market crashes?

What if your borrowers default on their loans?

What if a catastrophic storm impacts any of your multifamily properties?

What if Don Wenner gets hit by a bus? (Yes, someone really asked that!)

This webinar promises to be one of the most lively and informative online discussions we’ve had to date. Click below to register today for this unique opportunity to ask your own “what if” questions!


March 09, 2023


Salt Lake City, UT

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Don Wenner
Don Wenner