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DLP Capital Webinar - DLP Lending Fund Q3 Deep Dive

Have you been evaluating investing with DLP Capital but still have concerns about the economy, the real estate market, or our strategy? If so, check out this Capital Webinar to answer your "what if" questions.

DLP Capital Expands Affordable Multifamily Footprint in Florida

Take a deep dive into one of DLP Capital's premier offerings - the DLP Lending Fund! This fund is designed to generate consistent passive income for investors while providing capital to top-tier operators and builders to create, improve, and preserve affordable workforce housing. You'll gain insights into the fund's lending criteria, its focus on essential housing, and its risk mitigation strategies. We'll also review the fund's performance history, showcasing its track record of stability and resilience.


September 07, 2023



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Don Wenner
Don Wenner