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Our Impact

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Impacting Four Crises In American Society

Doing Well While Doing Good

DLP Capital is focused on positively impacting four crises facing the American workforce today, affecting the ability of many to lead happy and productive lives, despite the willingness to work and provide for their families. 

4 Crises


The demand for quality, affordable workforce housing is large, growing and unmet.


Past generations found a strong connection and sense of importance and value through their careers. Today, fewer and fewer workers are getting that feeling of connectivity and value through their jobs.


Achieving generational wealth requires the discipline of setting clear goals, having honest communications, and educating/involving family members. It is estimated that less than 10 percent of family wealth survives past the third generation.


According to data reported in May 2020 in the General Social Survey, Americans were the unhappiest they’ve ever been.

How do we impact the crises?

IMPACT Mandate for DLP

To make an impact with every dollar and with all of our time.

DLP is an IMPACT Company, our funds are Impact Funds.
We are self mandated to make an impact through the hundreds of millions of revenue and billions of assets of DLP, for profit.

In addition, we want to leverage our platform of DLP for our Giving.
As DLP Grows, and succeeds, we want our Giving to grow equally. We want to connect all of our team members, investors, and operator partners to be able to feel like and actually be our partners in our Giving. We want to challenge these partners to join us in our Giving Pledge.

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