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DLP Prosperity Membership

Learn how to leave a lasting legacy

The DLP Prosperity Membership is exclusively for investors who want to make a lasting impact on their legacy.

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DLP Capital Health, Wellness & Longevity Event

Nov 09, 2022 - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Plan for the Future

Discover the keys to ensuring your wealth and legacy will carry on for generations. The decisions you make today are paramount to your family’s success tomorrow. According to the Williams Group Wealth Consultancy, 70% of wealthy families lose their fortune by the second generation and increases to a staggering 90% by the third generation. Through our portfolio defense training and legacy management, you can create a generational impact that will last for years to come.


Attend quarterly action-packed weekends designed exclusively for accredited investors who want to make a lasting impact on their legacy, network with like-minded individuals, and experience world-class speakers and entertainment.


Learn to elevate your family wealth and legacy plan to new heights. Get first access to unique investment opportunities with DLP.

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Through will and estate planning, portfolio defense exercises, philanthropic planning, expert sessions, and one-on-ones with Don Wenner and the DLP Capital team, you’ll map your path to financial freedom and ensure your family is set up for success.


Meet twice per year with an Investor Success Manager to provide guidance and direction to help complete, adjust or broaden the plans in progress.

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Join a Powerful Network

DLP Capital's Prosperity Membership program is designed to guide and educate you to make informed decisions about your family, wealth, and legacy plans, all while living fully.

Foundational Financial Learning Tools Investments Strategic Advisors
Legacy Roadmap: What do you want your legacy to be? This is a wonderful process that creates the foundation that we build from. Financial Freedom Roadmap: Full plan to help you achieve your short-term and long-term financial goals. 3 Prosperity Workshop Events & Retreats Per Year: Action Packed conferences filled with rich content and "take home" value. Personal Financial Dashboard: Access to cutting-edge online integrated financial dashboard and planning tool. Access to DLP's Private Funds and Opportunities: DLP Housing Fund, DLP Lending Fund, DLP Income & Growth Fund. Leading CPA, Legal and Well-being Professionals We have worked hard to find reputable Trusted Advisors to add tremendous value to you and your family.
Impact & Philanthropy Plan: We work with you to determine your philanthropy interests and Impact Investing goals, provide education, and provide resources and options for achieving these goals. Shelter Plan: Collaborate with CPA firm to ensure the "best practices" are being followed. Annual 1on1 Review meeting with Tax Expert. Monthly Live Prosperity Call with Don: Live Group call with fellow prosperity members, DLP leaders, and Trusted advisors. Open mic Q&A. Access to Presentations and Research on Alternative Investments: Ask your ISM or anyone at DLP for these.
Personal Compass: This is a tool that is proven to dramatically improve the quality and impact of your life, and the legacy you leave. Estate Plan: Problem-solving and decision making. Prosperity Plan Review meeting with your Success Manager: Ensure you and your family are on track and answer any questions.
Family Compass: The “guiding light” showcasing your family’s aspirations; long-term, 1-year plan, and 90-day actions and habits to achieve greatness. Risk Assessment & Protection Plan: With the assistance of an asset protection estate attorney, we perform a thorough review, assess best practices, and make recommendations. Annual 1on1 Review meeting with an insurance expert. Prosperity Community: Fellow members will become your personal board of directors.
Family Governance: Create a structure to educate and facilitate communication. Asset Allocation Strategy: Education & Guidance on how the wealthiest families in the country and world Invest.
Annual Building a Legacy Presentation: Share your story and financials and receive insights and feedback from "member peers".