DLP Elite Member Program

DLP Elite Membership Program


DLP Elite™ Membership provides a platform for real estate entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and create jobs and housing while investing in themselves and their families in order to prosper through living lives of significance, leaving legacies, and creating wealth.

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We are very selective on who we choose to invest in:

  1. You must be aligned with our values and desire to make an impact
  2. You must have the desire and potential to scale – we are focused on Building Elite Organizations
  3. You must embody and champion a positive growth mindset
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The Membership Details

What is included in the Elite Impact Housing Membership

ExclusivitySmall number of members accepted each year. Significant qualifications are required in order to be approved.
Building an Elite Organization & Elite JournalCopy of both for all employees/team members.
Compass Strategy Session in St. Augustine, FLSpend the day in St. Augustine with Don and a number of Sr. Leaders at DLP focusing on developing your compass. This will supercharge your business and can be the pivotal moment that transforms your business.
3-Day (On or Off-Site) EES Implementation in Your Business, Including Sessions with Your Leadership TeamA DLP Elite Execution System certified implementer will spend three days with you all at once or over the course of your first six months, helping you and your team implement EES into your business.
Elite Mastermind Events (3)Open the pathway to reach your peak at our Elite Mastermind Events. Discover the secrets to success from industry thought leaders, word-class keynote speakers, and hands-on workshops.
Elite Accelerator EventsElevate your business and take your EES training further at Elite Accelerator Events, which include exclusive workshops, speakers, and training.
Annual Full Day Clarity SessionEach year, we will meet with you and your leadership team and lead a Clarity Session to help you stay on track with your compass and EES implementation.
Annual “Behind The Scenes” Events, Including DLP Special Days, Multifamily Due Diligence Tours, New Construction Site Tours, & MoreMultiple behind-the-scenes events per year, providing you inside access to either DLP or fellow members’ internal operations—from trips to corporate offices for company meetings to trips to construction sites and communities under management.
Usage Access and Trainings With Personality and Cognitive Insight Tools for Your TeamAssessment tools to provide insights on yourself, your team, and potential new team members in order to drive productivity, help develop corporate culture, and achieve your goals.
Monthly Real Estate and Elite Execution System Meetings with Q&A SessionMonthly trainings with DLP on a key component of one of the EES quadrants, followed by an interactive Q&A to help with guidance and insight on any area of EES.
DLP Expert Access and Expert EventsDLP Experts are available to answer your questions and assist in several key areas, including underwriting acquisitions, selling properties, legal help, insurance help, audits, property management consultation, capital raising, marketing strategy guidance, and more.
$25MM Custom Elite Line of CreditA true capital partnership—get higher leverage, preset discounted pricing, greater flexibility for unique assets and situations, and one-time borrower underwriting
Express LoansDLP will close on your single-family property prior to receiving third-party valuation reports, allowing you to negotiate with confidence and close in as few as five days; availability to other asset classes and new construction projects are on a case-by-case basis.
First Access to DLP DealsDLP sources deals from a wide range of sources, including direct from sellers, banks, nonprofits, auction platforms, and brokers. We have sourced over 200 deals directly to our members over the past two years for over $10MM in profits.
IMPACT JV Equity InvestmentDLP invests equity with proven operators whom we are confident will execute on the investment business plan, and who have implemented the Elite Execution System. DLP has invested more than $100MM in equity with partners over the past three years.
Capital Markets ManagementIntroduction and direct access to the best financing options for perm debt.
American Institute of Investment Housing MembershipAnnual company membership to AIIH including tickets to the Annual Conference and Awards.
EES University AccessThis online training portal will provide you access to a wealth of trainings, tools, and quizzes on topics ranging from all things Elite Execution System related to sales training and real estate due diligence.
EES Tools.comThe companion software to EES and Don’s book, “Building an Elite Organization”. EES Tools is the operational software that brings your Compass to life for your organization, tracks your most important priorities, manages your company’s meeting schedule, and stores employee roles, responsibilities, expectations, and key numbers. Twenty users included.
Live and Virtual Think Tank EventsThese events will vary in content based on market environment, opportunities, and member interest. They will be built around an open forum think tank discussion and will always feature expert thought and action leaders on the topic at hand.

Your Commitment

  • Bring value to this community
  • Focus and attention to scaling your business
  • You and your leaders consistently attend live events
  • Have at least one leader participate in each monthly membership call
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We only accept a limited amount of members per year.