Purpose & Values

Purpose & Core Values

Our Core Values

Driven for Greatness

We are driven by the pursuit of knowledge and the paramount importance of a growth mindset, cultivating greatness both personally and professionally.

Living Fully

We prioritize living fully with a dedication to achieving optimal health in all aspects of life: faith, family, friends, freedom, fun , fulfillment, fitness, and finance. . We are intentional with our time, integrating the 8fs of our life to achieve our goals & God’s goals.

Passion and Perseverance: GRIT

We have the endurance and unshakable commitment necessary to achieve our visionary long-term goals.


We elevate the greater good over individual interests, magnifying our impact and cultivating thriving relationships with investors, sponsors, residents, and our colleagues.


We are true to ourselves and others, steadfast in our beliefs and values. We hold ourselves and others accountable, fostering open dialogue to propel growth.

Prepared to Win

We apply discipline to our thoughts and our actions, which leads us to put forth consistent effort and commitment doing the important proactive work despite the urgent priorities we face each day. We plan to win, and are prepared for volatility and challenges.

Impact. Kingdom Impact

We share God's love and transformative power through our labor, serving everyone in God’s likeness. The world will know God more through our work and how we do it.

Twenty Mile March

We march towards clear, well-defined goals and objectives with unwavering focus, constantly evaluating our performance and course correcting as needed.

A Steward: Stewardship

We are guided by our commitments to those who trust us with their capital, their communities, and their careers .

Leadership: Servant Leadership

We lead with High Standards & Deep Devotion. We display as humble confidence as we build deep relationships and trust. We show the way through the forest, empowering growth, accountability, and a founder’s mentality, with team members regularly asking “What else can I do to achieve the desired results?”

Our Purpose

Dream. Live. Prosper. Passionately making an
extraordinary impact by transforming lives and
building thriving communities.

Our Mission

We are changing the nation through the building of thriving communities. We are the leader in funding the building of thriving communities, centered in safe, attainable housing.