The Preferred Credit Fund is lending capital focused on operators, builders and developers in the country. These top-tier operators and builders share our mission to create, improve, and preserve affordable workforce housing. Through our strategy, we help these sponsors scale their businesses and make an impact.

The Fund will invest in opportunities such as, the origination and acquisition of mortgage loans. These loans are against non-owner-occupied single-family and multifamily assets. The loans are always in a Preferred Credit position, typically with a personal guarantor and significant equity invested behind the Fund’s loan. The Fund does not own real estate directly, but instead lends capital to real estate operators.


  • Monthly Distributions
  • Evergreen fund structure offering ongoing liquidity
  • Targeted annual returns of 10-11%

Accredited Investors only*

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Fund Highlights

  • Open-ended, private credit real estate fund that enables the manager to make debt investments for the acquisition, repositioning, and construction of primarily workforce housing assets designed to provide consistent double-digit returns to investors.
  • Loans are typically short-term in nature, ranging from six to 24 months.The short-term duration focus of the fund provides significant liquidity to investors and should provide protection from rising rates and inflation.
  • A thorough underwriting process that makes sure loans are only made to borrowers that have a high probability of success with the project/property by primarily lending to proven successful operators with high credit scores, ample liquidity, and personal guarantees.
  • Subordinated management fees, whereby investors receive their monthly preferred return distributions before DLP receives any fees; aligns investors’ interest with DLP’s.
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