A Weekend of World-Class Prosperity for DLP Investors

A Weekend of World-Class Prosperity for DLP Investors

The DLP Prosperity Family Wealth & Legacy Membership Event, a world-class weekend filled with opportunity and growth, was recently held at the Sawgrass Marriott Resort & Spa in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. The 3-day event, hosted by DLP Capital Partners, welcomed over 150 attendees who were treated to thought leadership-style panel discussions by industry experts, educational break-out sessions on building your legacy, networking opportunities, and fun-filled leisure activities. Attendees kicked off the festivities with a dinner event and were joined by attendees from the DLP Elite Mastermind Event which was hosted by sister company DLP Lending. The event was not one to miss!

Throughout the weekend, Prosperity Members were invited to presentations by world-class speakers covering topics that are key components to creating a generational legacy that lasts for years to come. Speakers Don Wenner, CEO DLP Real Estate Capital and Bo Parfet, DLP Senior Executive spoke on the vision of DLP’s Prosperity Family Wealth & Legacy Membership, which includes tools and resources that can assist members when creating goals for building their family’s future financial success. Topics included family assets, tax planning efficiency, investing, philanthropy, family life, health, mindfulness, and much more.

DLP also invited guest speakers including NBA All-Star Ben Wallace, and Steve Jbara, president and founder of The Detroit Pistons and its minor league team, The Grand Rapids Drive. Ron Cordes, co-founder and CEO of AssetMark, a leading U.S. managed account platform with over $50 billion AUM, led a talk followed by breakout groups to collaborate further.

Dr. Nate Klemp, a writer, philosopher, entrepreneur, and New York Times Best Selling author of “Start Here: Master the Lifelong Habit of Wellbeing (Simon & Schuster: North Star Way)” gave a presentation titled “Why Mindfulness: The State of Distraction”, focusing on centering ones’ life by using mindful techniques. CEO and founder of Local Motors, Jay Rogers, a world-class innovator in the automotive industry who strives to develop ways to reconstruct the way cars are made and designed, joined attendees to give his insight on reaching success through innovation.

The weekend allowed for current investors to expand their knowledge, further grow investments, and learn about creating security for their families in the years to come. With DLP’s Prosperity Family Wealth & Legacy Membership, they have further opportunity to build a lasting legacy and wealth.

Parfet commented on the importance of this program, “A wise person once said it takes a tremendous amount of effort to make a fortune, but it takes 10 times more effort to keep it. I was so impressed with the fortitude of the men and women attendees. They dug deep and discussed topics having to do with protecting wealth and creating family legacies. These efforts of Prosperity members are opening up opportunities for them and their generations for years to come.”

Each day concluded with kayaking excursions and tours of TPC SawGrass. The Prosperity and Elites members also had the pleasure of playing a round of golf at the world-renowned TPC Sawgrass Golf Course, home of the Players Championship. With one of the most famous holes in the world, the island green on the 17th hole, this proved to be a memorable experience for all. Each night wrapped up with featured guest performers, including a singing performance by Dustin Bradley and comedic magician, Erick Olson.

Wenner commented, “Everyone wants to leave a lasting legacy for their families, but not a lot of people know the best way to do it or who to come to. DLP’s Prosperity Family Wealth & Legacy Membership is here to help our current investors grow as they learn the best routes to achieve their goals of continuing that legacy for generations to come.”

DLP Prosperity and Elite members left the event with tools and resources for achieving their goals. The networking and collaborative opportunities allowed attendees to connect with others who are all working towards advancing their families’ security for years to come. DLP will always provide endless support and guidance in order to create a life driven towards success, which is why Prosperity members place their trust in DLP. DLP believes this world-class event will remain a noteworthy experience for all attendees!