DLP Capital Housing Fund Generates Record Returns

DLP Capital Housing Fund Generates Record Returns

The DLP Housing Fund has generated a net return to investors of a record 45.57% for 2021.

The DLP Housing Fund is designed to solve the workforce housing crisis in America by investing equity in value-add multifamily rental communities. The $1 billion Fund is focused primarily on secondary and tertiary markets in the sunbelt region.

During Q1, the DLP Housing Fund acquired five additional communities in Alabama, Pennsylvania, and Texas, totaling nearly 1,400 new units. In addition to the Fund’s 6% preferred distributions in Q1, the Net Asset Value (NAV) valuation was the equivalent of a 22.25% positive NAV adjustment. This combined with the 6% preferred returns and Excess Distributable Cash (EDC) payments resulted in 45.57% of total annual return for investors who elected to re-invest their monthly preferred distributions under the Fund’s Dividend Re-Investment Program (DRIP) for 2021.

“Seeing the DLP Housing Fund reach new heights and exceed our targets is fantastic for our investors, and also points out something very important – we are moving the needle on our mission of impact investing,” said Founder and CEO Don Wenner. “Our goal is to provide safe, affordable housing to 250,000 residents through 100,000 affordable workforce housing units while providing these families with a path to prosperity. The DLP Housing Fund is a wonderful vessel that will allow us to reach those objectives.”

The Housing Fund’s rate of return since inception increased to 29.17% through the first quarter of 2022.

About the DLP Housing Fund

The DLP Housing Fund is an open-ended, private real estate fund that enables the Manager to acquire longer-hold assets designed to provide greater returns to investors. Launched on 1/1/2020, the Fund is structured to provide consistent monthly returns, strong growth, limited volatility, and tax advantages. Annual valuation of DLP Housing Fund assets allows for consistent growth and the ability to invest based on the most current value of the fund and assets. Annual redemptions provide the ability to exit/redeem in whole, or in part, based on investors’ timing without a long-term lockout or forced asset disposition and wind-down of the fund.