DLP Capital Launches Two Private Equity Impact Funds focused on Affordable Workforce Housing

DLP Capital Launches Two Private Equity Impact Funds focused on Affordable Workforce Housing

DLP Capital, a private real estate investment and finance firm, announces the launch of two new private equity funds: The DLP Building Communities Fund and the DLP Preferred Credit Fund.

The new funds will impact the affordability crisis of workforce housing by funding the preservation and creation of safe, stable, and comfortable housing for families across the country, all while targeting above market returns for investors.

“We believe that we can do well for our investors while doing good in our communities, and we’re passionate about investing in workforce housing,” said Don Wenner, CEO and Founder of DLP Capital. “DLP has been developing and building new housing communities for many years, and with the DLP Building Communities Fund, we are excited to now offer our investors the opportunity to profit from our experience. With the DLP Preferred Credit Fund, our investors have the opportunity to invest in the full capital stack of DLP’s real estate transactions and not just the senior debt.”

The DLP Building Communities Fund’s strategy is to make equity investments in the development and construction of primarily rental apartment and single family communities that provide housing to working families. The DLP Building Communities Fund is a $250 million evergreen fund. Unlike DLP’s other funds, this fund is not built around providing monthly distributions, but instead is focused on generating a very competitive overall return target, the highest targeted return of all DLP Capital funds.

The DLP Preferred Credit Fund originates loans throughout the United States to professional real estate operators, builders, and developers, centered around workforce housing communities. The fund is a $250 million evergreen fund, targeting consistent double-digit returns with monthly distributions.

All five of the open DLP Capital funds are IMPACT investments and focus on creating and/or preserving housing that is affordable to the local workforce. The funds pay out preferred returns

for all funds before any management fee is paid. DLP has never missed a targeted return in its history and looks forward to establishing the same record for these two new funds.


DLP Capital is a private real estate investment and financial services company focused on making an IMPACT through acquiring, developing, and building relationships, housing, leaders, and organizations. DLP Capital has an expansive array of business divisions and companies including lending, investment funds, sales, leasing, title services, property management, construction management, development, and loan servicing. Through the Elite Execution System, as well as its exclusive membership platforms focused on business scaling, investment housing, family, and wealth, DLP Capital impacts lives by empowering its clients to choose, create, grow and preserve prosperity. For more Information, visit DLPCapital.com

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