DLP Capital Named by Financial Times as Among “The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies 2023”

DLP Capital Named by Financial Times as Among “The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies 2023”

One of Only Six US Real Estate Companies to Make Top 250

St. Augustine, Fla.–DLP Capital, a private real estate investment and financial services firm, announced that the Financial Times—one of the world’s leading global business publications—has ranked DLP Capital among The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies 2023. DLP Capital placed #223 on this annual ranking of the 500 fastest-growing companies across 20 countries. The firm’s rank places it among only six U.S. real estate companies to make the top 250, the other five in sectors such as real estate insurance, warehouse rentals, and designer rental apartments. DLP Capital stands out uniquely in the real estate field with its successful focus on investing in, financing, and developing primarily workforce multifamily housing that helps to address America’s housing affordability crisis.

“DLP Capital has created an extremely successful formula for creating value in the real estate sector while at the same time helping to solve the growing problem of housing affordability in the U.S.,” said Don Wenner, Founder and CEO of DLP Capital. “Some may think it remarkable that a company that focuses on the workforce housing sector can be so profitable, but when done right—as with our business model—America’s working families benefit tremendously as does DLP Capital and its investors.”

FT noted that the “ranking is not necessarily a reflection of the size of countries’ economies but, rather, their ability to innovate…”

Some 81% of ranked U.S. companies are based outside the top four cities of New York, San Francisco, San Diego and Chicago.

FT employed a rigorous screening process and methodology, with rankings based on disclosed revenue growth between 2018 and 2021. That covers a period when the region’s economies were powering out of the pandemic. The vast majority of companies on the list are American—75%—followed by Canada, with 15% and Brazil with 5%. Country coverage included: Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the US, Uruguay, and Venezuela

The list was compiled with Statista, a research company, and ranks entrants from across the Americas by their compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in revenue.

About DLP Capital

DLP Capital, headquartered in St. Augustine, Florida, is a private real estate investment and financial services company focused on making an impact on four major crises in America: Affordable Housing, Jobs, Legacy and Happiness. The company achieves this through acquiring, developing, and building relationships, housing, leaders, and organizations. With more than $4 billion of assets under management, DLP Capital has been on the Inc. 5000 list of “Fastest Growing Private Companies in America” for 10 consecutive years. The firm has an expansive array of business divisions and companies including real estate investment funds, commercial real estate lending, construction management, development, sales, leasing, title services, and loan servicing. Through the proprietary Elite Execution System, as well as its exclusive membership platforms focused on business scaling, investment housing, family, and wealth, DLP Capital impacts lives by empowering its clients to choose, create, grow and preserve prosperity. For more information, follow us on @DLPCapital or visit DLPCapital.com.