DLP Releases First Season of Podcast: Impact with Don Wenner

DLP Releases First Season of Podcast: Impact with Don Wenner

Amazing Line-up of Guests Discuss Major Crises in the USA and How to Implement Solutions

(July 14, 2021) – DLP Capital, a private financial services and real estate investment firm, is pleased to release the first season of Founder and CEO Don Wenner’s new podcast, “Impact with Don Wenner.” The central theme of Impact is to bring focus and attention to four crises currently affecting our country: the jobs crisis, affordable housing crisis, legacy wealth crisis, and the happiness crisis, and how we can collectively work toward solutions.

“With our podcast, Impact, we hope to inspire listeners to think about how they can make an impact together with us,” says Wenner. “With a focus on some of the most critical issues that our country faces today, the podcast will provide thought-provoking conversations and discussions with entrepreneurs and professionals in a variety of industries. But, more importantly, we’ll discuss solutions and key takeaways to make a positive impact for businesses and individuals that care about Impact Investing and doing well while doing good.”

Season one tackles the jobs crisis. Episodes and guests will include:

  • Episode 1: Why are We Doing This? with Bo Parfet, DLP’s Chief Growth Officer
  • Episode 2: The Jobs Crisis in America with Ofer Sharone and Marianne Wanaker
    • Ofer Sharone, Professor at UMASS Amherst, author of Flawed System/Flawed Self: Job Searching and Unemployment Experiences
    • Marianne Wanaker, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Tennessee and Faculty Research Fellow at NBER. She is also a Kinney Family Faculty Fellow, and BB&T Scholar in Markets, Capitalism, and Ethics in the Haslam College of Business.
  • Episode 3: Fueling Small Business with Claudia Sahm, Founder of Stay-at-Home Macro (SAHM) Consulting.
  • Episode 4: Taking Action to Grow with Brad Stulberg, best-selling author of The Passion Paradox and Co-Creator of The Great Equation.
  • Episode 5: Supporting Entrepreneurs with Chuck Sacco, Assistant Dean at Drexel University’s Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship and Director of Baiada Institute for Entrepreneurship.
  • Episode 6: True Leadership with Mike Sarraille, retired U.S. Navy SEAL officer, University of Texas McCombs Business School graduate, and leadership instructor, speaker, and strategic advisor for Echelon Front.

To subscribe, go to https://linktr.ee/ImpactWithDon. For more information visit https://impactwithdon.com/.