Building an Elite Organization

A Bestseller by Don Wenner

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Scale your business and propel your company toward growth with Building An Elite Organization, from Founder & CEO of DLP Capital, Don Wenner.

In this book, Don will give you actionable ways to implement the Elite Execution System (EES), a proven business methodology which has led DLP Capital to grow 60% every year for the past 15 years to several hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue in less than 10 years.

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The DLP Elite™ Journal

The Companion to The Book

The Elite Journal is much more than a daily planner or a typical journal where you just write your thoughts. This journal provides you with the framework to achieve your BIG goals. This Elite Journal is the companion to “Building an Elite Organization.”

Through casting the vision for your ideal future, planning the steps to get there, executing with massive action, and tracking metrics along the way, you now have everything you need to reach success!

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