Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

As a dedicated leader constantly seeking growth and evolution, Don Wenner understands the importance of continuous learning and self-improvement. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a commitment to excellence, Don has immersed himself in countless leadership books throughout his journey. While the exact number escapes him, 18 titles have left an indelible mark on his path to becoming an Elite, world-class leader.

With unwavering enthusiasm, Don highly recommends these exceptional reads to fellow aspiring leaders. Dive into these pages and discover the transformative power they hold. Embark on your own journey of becoming an Elite leader and unlock the keys to lasting success and fulfillment.

5 Levels of Leadership

The Five Levels of Leadership
John Maxwell

"The Five Levels of Leadership" is a groundbreaking book that delves into the core principles and strategies for effective leadership. It presents a comprehensive framework that outlines the different stages a leader must navigate to achieve maximum influence and impact, empowering readers with actionable insights to develop their leadership potential.

The Coaching Habit Michael Stanier

The Coaching Habit
Michael Stanier

"The Coaching Habit" is a transformative book that offers practical advice on incorporating coaching into everyday leadership. With a focus on asking powerful questions and fostering lasting change, Stanier equips readers with the tools to become effective coaches and lead their teams to success.

Leadership and Self Deception

Leadership and Self-Deception
The Arbinger Institute

"Leadership and Self-Deception" explores how self-deception can impede effective leadership. With its powerful metaphor of "the box," this book challenges readers to examine their own behaviors and perspectives, offering insights on how to break free from self-deception to become more authentic and successful leaders.

Dare to Lead

Dare to Lead
Brené Brown

"Dare to Lead" is a powerful and insightful book encouraging readers to embrace vulnerability and courageously lead. Through her research and personal experiences, Brown offers a practical and transformative guide for leaders, emphasizing the importance of wholeheartedness and tough conversations in fostering authentic and effective leadership.

Leaders Made here

Leaders Made Here
Mark Miller

"Leaders Made Here" is a bestselling book that provides insights on cultivating a leadership culture within organizations, from the front lines to the executive level. Through practical strategies and examples, Miller emphasizes the importance of nurturing and developing leaders at all levels for sustained success.

Lead with a story

Lead with a Story
Paul Smith

"Lead with a Story" is an insightful guide exploring storytelling's power in business communication. Through practical tips and examples, Smith demonstrates how crafting compelling narratives can captivate, convince, and inspire others, making it an essential resource for leaders seeking to enhance their communication skills.

Leadership wisdom

Leadership Wisdom
Robin Sharma

"Leadership Wisdom" delves into the principles and practices of effective leadership. From his renowned speaker experience, Sharma offers insightful guidance and a step-by-step system to enhance leadership skills and inspire personal growth.

How to be a great boss

How to Be a Great Boss
Gino Wickman

"How to Be a Great Boss" is a practical and straightforward guide that offers valuable insights and strategies for bosses at all levels of an organization. With a focus on effective leadership and getting the most out of your team, this book provides actionable advice to help individuals become better bosses.

The monk who sold his ferrari

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
Robin Sharma

This captivating fable explores the journey of Julian Mantle, a lawyer who undergoes a spiritual awakening and transforms his life. This inspiring book offers valuable insights and teachings on finding fulfillment, purpose, and balance in our fast-paced modern world.

The leader who had no title

The Leader Who Had No Title
Robin Sharma

This work emphasizes that anyone can become a leader, regardless of their job title or position. Through the journey of the main character, “The Leader Who Had No Title” offers wisdom on how to excel personally and professionally.

Leading change

Leading Change
John Kotter

“Leading Change” is widely regarded as a definitive leadership and organizational change guide. With his practical insights and the eight-step process outlined in the book, Kotter provides strategies for effectively managing and navigating transformation efforts.


Decisive: How to Make Better Choices at Life and Work
Chip Heath

Chip Heath and his brother Dan Heath delve into the art of decision-making and offer practical strategies to overcome biases and make more effective choices. This book tackles the critical topic of decision-making, guiding readers through a four-step process called the “WRAP model” to widen options, reality-test assumptions, attain distance, and prepare for action.

Good leaders ask good questions

Good Leaders Ask Great Questions
John Maxwell

“Good Leaders Ask Great Questions” is a powerful book emphasizing the importance of asking insightful questions as a key trait of effective leadership. Maxwell provides practical guidance and shares valuable insights on how asking the right questions can lead to personal and professional growth, connection with others, and making a positive impact.

Speak like churchill

Speak like Churchill, Stand like Lincoln
James Humes

This book is invaluable for anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills. Drawing from his experience as a renowned speaker and speechwriter for five American presidents, Humes provides practical tips and powerful secrets that have been used by great leaders throughout history.

21 irrefutable laws of leadership

21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
John Maxwell

“21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” is a timeless classic outlining the fundamental principles of effective leadership. With real-world examples and practical advice, Maxwell presents 21 laws that can be applied to any leadership situation, empowering readers to become stronger, more influential leaders.

Trillion dollar coach

The Trillion Dollar Coach
Eric Schmidt

“The Trillion Dollar Coach” is a compelling leadership playbook that delves into the insights and mentoring techniques of Silicon Valley legend Bill Campbell. With firsthand accounts and anecdotes from influential tech leaders like Steve Jobs and Larry Page, this book offers valuable lessons on effective leadership and building strong relationships within organizations.

The eight paradoxes of leadership

The 8 Paradoxes of Leadership
Tim Elmore

“The 8 Paradoxes of Leadership” delves into the intricacies of effective leadership by exploring the balance between seemingly conflicting traits and qualities. From balancing confidence and humility to leveraging vision and blind spots, this book offers valuable insights into navigating the complexities of leadership in today’s workplace.

The servant

The Servant
James C. Hunt

“The Servant” is a captivating work of fiction that explores the true essence of leadership through the story of John Daily, a businessman facing personal and professional challenges. Through timeless principles of servant leadership, this book offers valuable insights into building strong relationships and making a positive impact as a leader.