The Tools

DLP Elite Tools

Here are the tools, training and templates that are referenced in DLP Elite™ Books

Learn how best to use these resources by referencing the books.

Personal Compass Template

Your Personal Compass is designed to help you live fully, in alignment with your Family Compass, while living and leaving a legacy.


Elite Compass Template

A structured written tool for clearly laying out the vision, strategy, and direction for your organization.


Clarity Session Instructions

Make sure your company is aligned with your compass, review your current quarter performances, and prepare for your next quarter, including setting your next quarter's Rocks.


Rocks & Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) Template

A rock is an individuals solid commitment to achieve a particular outcome in a defined amount of time while a WIG is teams commitment to do the same.


Executive IDS Summary

Get to the root of problems, and in turn its solution, much faster with this tool.


Life Assessment & Goal Designing

Guide your team members through an assessment of all areas of their life so that they can set goals that allow them to take control of their time, while designing a life that will make them truly happy, fulfilled, and prosperous.


24 Practices of Leadership Assessment

These are the consistent practices that highly productive leaders have mastered. 


Role Responsibilities, Expectations, & Key Numbers (RREK) Template

Make sure you hire the right people by clearly identifying what you want those people to accomplish. 


20 Mile March Roadmap to Success

To help team members better focus their energies on the activities that produce results, we developed the Twenty-Mile March Roadmap to Success.