DLP Capital Secures Bridge Loan with National Land Developer in North Texas - $11,350,000

DLP Capital Secures Bridge Loan with National Land Developer in North Texas - $11,350,000

DLP Capital Announces Strategic Bridge Loan Investment in Denton, Texas: A Leap Towards Prosperous Futures

"We're excited here at DLP Capital to announce a transformative bridge loan investment that not only aligns with our strategic goals but also amplifies our commitment to creating prosperity through impactful real estate ventures." - Frank Mgbolu, MBA

As a leading force in the real estate investment landscape, DLP Capital is thrilled to unveil our latest venture—a 12-month bridge loan on entitled land in the burgeoning market of Denton, Texas. This strategic financial maneuver involves refinancing a payoff of $9M and paves the way for a fruitful partnership with TCCI, a distinguished land development firm with over three decades of expertise in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Building Prosperity Through Strategic Partnerships

Our collaboration with TCCI is a testament to our dedication to selecting partners who are not only leaders in their field but who also share our vision of building wealth and prosperity through well-planned and executed real estate developments. TCCI’s impressive track record of handling all entitlement processes, conducting in-house engineering, and establishing districts, complements our investment philosophy impeccably.

Impactful Investment in a Thriving Community

The focus of this bridge loan is a prime parcel of land comprising 2,000 paper lots, which is currently under contract with Meritage Homes for a staggering $34,917,600, set to close in September of this year. This investment is not just a financial venture but a cornerstone in fulfilling the housing demand in one of Texas' fastest-growing regions. "The Denton area is truly unique and continues to grow, creating a significant demand for new homes," says Frank Mgbolu, highlighting the strategic importance of this investment.

Aligning with Our Core Values and Vision

This initiative is a brilliant illustration of how our investments are intricately woven with our core values—inspiration, ambition, and impact. By funding projects that not only promise substantial returns but also contribute to community development, we are staying true to our mission of 'Dream. Live. Prosper.' This project in Denton is poised to set a benchmark for how strategic investments can lead to collective prosperity and community growth.

Looking Forward: A Future Filled with Opportunities

We are enthusiastic about the potential changes and opportunities this new investment brings. It not only strengthens our portfolio but also solidifies our position as a leader in the real estate investment sector. As we move forward, we remain committed to exploring more avenues where our investment expertise and strategic partnerships can lead to impactful outcomes and sustainable growth.

Join us on this journey of transformation and growth. Together, let’s continue to build a prosperous future, one impactful investment at a time.