Warden Station, South Carolina - $14,488,000

Warden Station, South Carolina - $14,488,000

DLP Capital Fuels Community Growth with Strategic Investment in 1,700 Cost-Attainable Homes in Horry County

"We’re excited here at DLP Capital to announce a significant step forward in our mission to create prosperity through real estate," begins our latest venture in Bucks Township, Horry County, SC, where we are set to fund the development of 1,795 acres into a vibrant, planned community.

A Vision for Prosperity and Community Development

This substantial project aligns perfectly with our vision of not only expanding our portfolio but also making a lasting impact on the communities we touch. The development, zoned for Planned Development District (PD), will see the creation of 3,318 lots, which include a mix of single-family and townhome lots. This initiative is not just about building homes but fostering a community where quality of life is prioritized.

Strategic Location and Enhanced Quality of Life

Located in the stable and thriving neighborhood of Bucks Township, the site benefits from abundant amenities including retail spaces, office properties, and educational institutions. The development is poised to leverage the locational advantages and existing community infrastructure, ensuring that these new homes will be integrated into a supportive and flourishing environment.

Impact-Driven Investment

"DLP Capital is not just about achieving financial growth; we're here to make a substantial impact on lives," said Jason Wedenfeller, a key player in this project. He emphasizes, "The construction of these homes will not only provide years of consistent, well-paying jobs but will also contribute significantly to the local economy."

Building Relationships and Expertise

Our collaboration with BRD, a seasoned organization familiar with the local market, reinforces our strategy of partnering with expert entities to ensure the success and sustainability of our investments. "BRD is a great group to work with," Jason noted, highlighting the seamless process and shared goals that characterize our ongoing partnership.

Ensuring Excellence and Sustainability

At DLP Capital, we maintain rigorous internal checks and reviews to ensure that every dollar invested is utilized efficiently and responsibly. Our internal construction management, construction draw management, and asset management teams are deeply involved in every stage of the project, safeguarding our investors' interests and ensuring that our developments meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

Forward-Looking Statements

Looking ahead, we are thrilled about the opportunities this development heralds not just for DLP Capital, but for the future homeowners and the broader community in Horry County. This project is a testament to our commitment to building wealth and prosperity, not only for our investors but for the communities we serve.

Join us as we continue to dream, live, and prosper together, creating impactful investments that redefine what it means to be an IMPACT investor in today's dynamic real estate market.