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DLP Capital Training | How To Have Your Best Year Ever While Building An Extraordinary Legacy

We are driven to make an impact on our community not just through providing solutions for the affordable housing crisis, but by enriching lives, as well. This two-hour virtual event focused on exactly that. We hope you’ll watch this special event led by our CEO and Founder, Don Wenner, where he shared his insights, tips, and tools for living an extraordinary life while building an extraordinary legacy.

DLP Capital Expands Affordable Multifamily Footprint in Florida

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Where do I see myself this time next year?
What are my biggest goals?
What do I want to accomplish this year?

Inevitably, we’ve all asked ourselves these pivotal questions year after year. As New Year’s Resolutions come and go, many of us find ourselves in a cycle that often leads to unfulfilling results and no closer to our true goals in life.

If this sounds like you, we hope you’ll join us for this virtual workshop Don Wenner hosted on October 19.  Don shares what he has learned along the way and how he has turned these learnings into living an extraordinary life, one incredible year at a time.

Here’s what you can expect:

Life Assessment: This invaluable tool is one of my favorites. The first part invites you to take an honest and intimate look at where you currently stand in different areas of your life, such as your family, finances, and fulfillment. From there, you’ll identify opportunities for improvement and growth, bringing clarity and purpose to your goals.

Personal Compass: The Personal Compass is something that Don comes back to day in and day out. It focuses on what Don calls Perfect Life Metrics, which he will share more about with you in the workshop. The compass is invaluable in helping you define your values and establish your direction in life.

Annual Calendar & Personal Accomplishments: Balancing the demands of his career with his responsibilities as a father and husband is his most important priority. Don has learned the importance of time management and setting achievable targets for my goals. 

As you can see, we’ll review several tools in this workshop. We’ve included them for you here so you can familiarize yourself with them before the workshop, but don’t worry about having them filled out beforehand. 

Video note: Break times for filling out resources are referenced throughout the workshop, but these lengths of time are cut out of the video. Just pause the video and set a timer to give yourself enough time to fill out the resource referenced!


October 19, 2023


Virtual & St. Augustine HQ

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Don Wenner
Don Wenner