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DLP Impact Dinner | Investing On Purpose - Live From St Augustine, FL

Join us for an exciting DLP Capital dinner as CEO and Founder Don Wenner covers DLP Capital sponsored IMPACT fund offerings and how DLP Capital investors can 10x their impact on the world through joining our mission of building thriving communities and philanthropic initiatives.

DLP Capital Expands Affordable Multifamily Footprint in Florida

Join us for a captivating evening as CEO and founder Don Wenner takes the stage, offering a comprehensive overview of our funds and their impressive performance. Discover more about Don himself and the lucrative opportunities our private real estate funds offer, delivering double-digit returns for investors like you. But the excitement doesn't stop there—Don extends a warm invitation to Lisa Franklin, founder of Alpha-Omega Miracle Home, to share their inspiring mission of housing and serving homeless single mothers and senior women. It's an event packed with insights, opportunities, and a chance to make a difference in the lives of those in need.


April 25, 2024


St. Augustine, FL

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Don Wenner
Don Wenner
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