Dream. Live.

Our culture of innovation and accountability is at the forefront of everything we do


DLP Capital is a private real estate investment and financial services company focused on making an IMPACT by acquiring, developing, and building relationships, housing, leaders, and organizations.

DLP Capital executes its IMPACT through a wide array of business divisions and companies including lending, investment funds, sales, leasing, property management, construction management, development, and loan servicing.

Through the Elite Execution System, as well as the company’s exclusive membership platforms focused on business scaling, investment housing, family, and wealth, DLP Capital impacts lives by empowering its clients to choose, create, grow and preserve prosperity.

Continuing its steady year-over-year growth, the company earned a spot on multiple Best Places to Work lists for 6 years in a row and on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies for 9 years straight.

Our core

Driven For Greatness

We are driven to seek knowledge and pursue growth and greatness each day in both our personal and professional lives.

Servant Leadership

We influence and impact our community, clients, and ourselves by exemplifying integrity, positivity and humble confidence.


Perseverance & Passion for Long-Term Goals: GRIT

We have the endurance and unshakable commitment necessary to achieve our visionary long-term goals.

Enthusiastically Delivering WOW

We go above and beyond, delighting and amazing everyone we encounter.

Living Fully

Our quest for excellence and the pursuit of our passions applies to all aspects of our lives – business, family, personal, and faith. We strive to live life to the fullest.

Innovative Solutions Focused

We do not simply talk about problems; we drive ourselves to create solutions that produce new, previously thought to be unimaginable results for our clients.

Twenty Mile March

We consistently hit targets, day after day, year after year, regardless of the prevailing conditions.

Execution & Excellence

We establish and surpass expectations that can only be achieved through a clear focus, commitment, and engagement on completing the most critical priorities.

Humble Confidence

We exude confidence without arrogance, projecting humility and warmth to empower others and emphasize collaboration.


We are maximizing the resources entrusted to us in order to deliver positive returns.


Dream. Live. Prosper. Passionately creating prosperity and making an impact by investing in communities.


To lead and inspire the building of wealth and prosperity in the lives of 10,000,000 people.

Meet our Team

Don Wenner
Don Wenner Founder & CEO
Robert Peterson
Robert Peterson Managing Principal, Head of Accounting & Finance
Claudia Schiepers
Claudia Schiepers Managing Principal, Head of Marketing
Barry DeGroot
Barry DeGroot Managing Principal, Chief Legal Counsel
Bo Parfet
Bo Parfet Managing Principal, Head of Growth
Melanie French
Melanie French Managing Principal
Jim Boyce
Jim Boyce Managing Principal, Head of Development & Construction

Our reviews

We have quickly realized accelerated process improvement gains from the membership services provided by DLP’s Elite Impact Housing program.

Glenn Hanson

Founder and CEO of Colony Hills Capital

I’m grateful for the relationship I have with DLP Capital. Our partnership continues to successfully push crime out of community after community and enables families to live safely in the neighborhoods they love.

Dr. Furkan Kalkan

CEO of Kalkan Capital



We began helping people sell their homes with our “68-Day Home Sale Guarantee”


We began offering investors the opportunity to invest in real estate and early monthly income, double digit returns, and no losses


We launched DLP Realty & the Dream Live Prosper Family of Companies

Dream Lehigh Valley photo of living room of model

We launched property management division and began offering residents safe places to live with great service


We launched DLP Capital Partners to provide dramatically expand our investment offers to hard working successful families


We began offering real estate operators the capital they needed to scale their business through DLP Lending


We bought our first rental community: Villas at Woodlands in Jacksonville, FL


We expanded DLP to St Augustine Florida and began offering our investment funds in the local area as well as growing all of DLP 


We developed our first Build2Rent Community: Dream Mountain Hollow 


We launched what would become DLP Closing Services, offering title & closing services to home buyers, sellers, and investors


We launched our Loan Servicing department to provide world class loan servicing and asset management to our borrowers 


We launched our Membership businesses—DLP Elite Membership & DLP Prosperity Membership—and launched DLP’s flagship $1 Billion Fund


We surpassed 2,000 investors in the DLP Impact Funds and have $2.5 Billion of assets under management.

We are a multi-faceted, 450-people strong, private real estate and financial services firm, building wealth and prosperity for our partners through innovative solutions.

The Elite Execution System

Building an elite organization

To drive and manage growth in an organized way, the Elite Execution (EES) System was created. By design, EES is a holistic business operating system that provides a disciplined, systematic blueprint of everything that’s needed to achieve consistent results when scaling a high-growth, high-profit business.

Our CEO, Don Wenner wrote a book about it:


Join us! 

People are the asset that drives us and we are successful because we have great people. It’s about the right people in the right seats. People who share our core values and have a passion for our purpose.